Like any global economic upheaval, there are ways you can get rich in the process - with Outstanding Investments as your turn-key, all-encompassing guide

OK, it's payoff time.
Remember the "Crisis 10" stocks I was telling you about earlier?
These are the ones I'm betting will not only insulate your portfolio from the disaster that awaits 99% of American investors once the China Boom takes hold - but also set the stage for you to profit beyond every investment you've ever made before.

These 10 red-hot commodities stocks include:

An under-the-radar natural gas company that's poised to explode (not literally) once the coming $150-a-barrel oil forces us to find alternative sources of energy. We picked it less than 8 months ago, and it's already climbed a steady 40%. But wait 'til oil really starts climbing in price.
An offshore drilling company in prime position to soar once the United States is forced by China's aggressive oil dealings to deregulate access to valuable oil fields off the Alaskan and California coasts - it's already up 61%, and the crunch hasn't even hit yet.
An unusual conglomerate that's a major, yet undervalued player in both the water treatment and electricity industries - both redhot segments in times of energy and environmental challenges, like now. In just 2 years, this solidly diverse play has charged up 53%, and there's nowhere to go but up.
A Canada-based upstream oil and gas producer that's heavily invested in oil exploration in not only its home country, but in the North Sea, Indonesia and other oil-rich locales. It's up 205% in the last 3 1/2 years, but has zoomed up more than 30% in just the last month.
A pair of energy companies that specialize in oil sands development. They're both up impressively - gaining 157% and 211%, respectively. But once the Canadian betrayal starts sending billions of barrels of oil to China, these stocks could easily yield gains in the 3,000% range. Not all of our "China Crisis 10" stocks are energy companies, however. Some key producers in this group service the demand for energy - or supply raw materials needed for growth.

For instance, we'll show you, FREE:
The dynamic duo of competing shipping stocks I mentioned to you a little while ago (get your FREE Special e-Report on these in just a minute). Globally, there's so much demand for resources and raw materials right now - and there will be for the foreseeable future - there's no way these companies can't skyrocket. One's up nearly 65% in just over half a year, and the other is up 5% in just two months.
A rock-solid cement company that's riding the China boom in infrastructure construction all the way to the bank. A favorite "safe" pick of ours for the last 3 years, it has nevertheless posted a healthy profit of 53% - and the sky's the limit.
A grain-producing company that's cashing in on China's huge appetite for refined foods. Last year, China consumed more than 30% more grain products than even the bread-and-pasta-happy USA.